Inuit Elders and youth share traditions through arts and technology

This week, Arviat Qaggiqtiit Elders and performers were hard at work in the Margaret Aniksak Visitor’s Centre, discussing new routines and teaching new traditional pihiit (songs) with their performance coach, Guillaume Saladin of Artcirque.

Students with the Arviat Film Society were also on hand to film for the evening. The youth are helping the Elders to record traditional songs, which will be converted onto DVD and other formats for use with digital devices.

This approach will help to preserve their songs, which need to be passed on to younger Inuit, and at the same time it will also enable the performers to learn and practice performing the songs.

This is just one example of how the arts community in Arviat is working together to connect Inuit Elders and youth, combining tradition and technology, performance art and digital skill development.

Thanks to the Elders, Guillaume and Lois, the Arviat Cultural Ecotourism Initiative, Arviat Qaggiqtiit and the Arviat Film Society for connecting our youth with opportunity!