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Watch: An Evening with Robin Hood

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When their snowmobile broke down, Northern College Drilling Instructor Robin Hood and one of his former students from last year, Robert Gibbons, Jr found themselves lost and stranded for four days on the frozen land near Arviat, Nunavut. Rob and Robert were both rescued safe and sound.

Filmed May 15, 2014 at John Arnalukjuak High School in Arviat, Nunavut the Arviat TV cast members interview Rob about his incredible story of survival and hear in his own words what it means to truly be lost in the barrens

You can read more about the story here from CBC News North here: Arviat fishing trip turns into 3-day test of survival

An Evening with Rob Hood: Introduction with Curtis Konek

Curtis introduces the story of Robin Hood and Robert Gibbons Jr. whose trip on the land resulted in them becoming lost after an equipment breakdown.

An Evening with Rob Hood: Part 1

Arviat TV cast member Manasie Thompson interviews Rob Hood about his experience lost on the land near Arviat, Nunavut. When Hood and Robert Gibbons, Jr. first discovered they were lost after their snowmobile broke down on the way home from Maguse Lake.

An Evening with Rob Hood: Part 2

Arviat TV cast member Elena Akammak interviews Arviat diamond driller instructor Rob Hood about his experiences lost on the tundra near Arviat Nunavut for four days.

An Evening with Rob Hood: Part 3

In part three of our six-part interview with Robin Hood, Ruth takes over the questions to learn more about what it was like to be lost for four days in the Arctic after a snowmobile breakdown.

An Evening with Rob Hood: Part 4

An Evening with Robin Hood continues with part four of six. Ruth asks Rob about finding hope and the will to survive after being lost in the barrens near Arviat, Nunavut for four days.

An Evening with Rob Hood: Part 5

In part five of six, Ethan interviews Robin Hood about being lost on the land near Arviat, Nunavut for four days after their snowmobile broke down. Learn from Rob about how this experience changed his life.

An Evening with Rob Hood: Part 6

So how did the experience of being lost change his life? Robin Hood tells us about how his story ended and the impact it had on him, his family and his relationship with the people of Arviat. Robin also talks about how social media and tools like Facebook were used to keep his family informed during the search, and the lasting friendships that followed.

Read more about tonight's taping, which coincided with the Arviat Digital Development workshops here. We'd like to thank all the members of the Arviat Film Society for hosting last week's special event.

It was a great opportunity to introduce some of the community researchers to the infrastructure and programming that takes place with youth and media in our community, like Arviat TV station project and participation in programs like Adobe Youth Voices.

We'd like to thank Curtis, Ethan, Manasie, Elena and Ruth for interviewing Robin with so many interesting and engaging questions. We'd also like to thank Robin for taking the time to come in, to spend time with us, and to share his very personal experience surviving on the land.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, stories and updates from the Arviat Film Society. 



An Evening with Robin Hood was filmed on location at John Arnalukjuak High School and was produced with support and funding from Adobe Youth Voices, Arctic Co-Operatives and Padlei Co-Op Cable, Telefilm Canada, Canadian Heritage and the Canada Media Fund.

We thank them for their support and thank you for supporting our youth!

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