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Ethan Tassiuk: The importance having a voice

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Hello there, My name is Ethan Tassiuk. I live in Arviat, Nunavut. I'm in grade 10 at John Arnalukjuak High School. Today I will write about the importance of having a voice.

I've been in the Arviat Film Society for 3 years! I like to do things in Arviat Film Society like editing, filming, and acting and being part of Adobe Youth Voices.

It makes a big difference being in this club, because it gives young people like me a voice. We can encourage our friends and other kids to stay in school, and it is very important.

Research in our town is showing sometimes, less than half of kids who should be going to school regularly are going. This is very serious, because our young inuit need our education. A big reason, maybe the biggest reason, why kids are skipping school is bullying.

I would like to go university and learn about things like editing and new media.

I'd like to say this to other kids who are not in school, education is a key to get a job. To make it better, kids should go to school and learn about things they need to learn.

A big reason about kids are not going to school is they need to be respected and be treated right, with dignity. The bigger reason is bullying. 

I recently heard singer Bruce Cockburn tell us "Not talking about it isn't working."

Stop bullying, no one deserves to feel worthless.

I would liked to ask all of the people we work with in AFS, Adobe Youth Voices, Global Dignity Canada, Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders and the many research teams who support us to join us in starting a new conversation with our youth.

Please and check out the Collateral Damage project with Scott Chisholm at as well as the OCD Collective's Arizona Project with Brian Byrne.

We need your help to start those conversations and to make a difference.

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