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Mark Kalluak: Just think what the next generation will be able to do.

Written by  Mark Kalluak, O.C.

It is my pleasure and honor to write as the first guest editor for Arviat TV. I think this is going to be a wonderful thing.

It will certainly let others know more about what Arctic College is all about and wonderful things that are happening for Inuit people of Nunavut.

I’m a firm believer in written material as you can always read something of interest to you, something you can apply to your own life to make change for the better.

Even old news papers produced several years ago can shed a lot of light to make us see how much change has taken place and make us think what to do next to make life more bearable.

Even stories from long ago can make us see how far we have advanced from nomadic life to modern world in a very short time. For example from living in cold iglus to living in warm modern houses, where not long ago we could only envy. Travelling by foot or dog team, to traveling by plane to southern Canada and even remote places in other parts of the world.

Learning and applying what you learn can lead to a better life. I think Inuit know this more than anything else. When machinery first came to the community I was amazed how quickly Inuit learned to operate them to make changes in the community.

Even today where everything is more advanced than we first came to live as a community, our young people are keeping up with new technology. I’m amazed at how even the very young children know their way around the new gadgets that are available today.

Just think what the next generation will be able to do.

It is through his efforts as editor of the original Keewatin Echo, more than 40 years ago that inspired us to once again start publishing our student news. We thank him for writing our first editorial. Sadly, three weeks after writing this commentary, Mark passed away. We miss him very much.

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