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Arviat Television welcomes Windfall Films!

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The Arviat Film Society welcomed two special guests to our first full-class session on the fundamentals of film and media last week!

Arviat Mayor Bob Leonard

We'd also like to thank our Mayor of Arviat, Bob Leonard for coming out to visit us!

The Hamlet of Arviat has been an instrumental supporter in encouraging our youth to take an interest in the many opportunities that exist in film and media.

As we've grown along the way, our Hamlet has always been there for us. Thank you, Bob!

Gwyn Williams from Windfall Films

This week we welcomed Gwyn Williams, a producer and director with Windfall Films in London, England!

Gwyn was in town preparing for an upcoming film project here in the community this fall, and we're incredibly grateful he was able to join us. We learned a lot about the kinds of equipment he and his crew use, and gave us a great look at what it's like to work in the film and television industry. With our own community television station coming on-line over the next few weeks, we appreciate being able to see how top-notch television shows are produced.

Based in the United Kingdom, Windfall Films has earned an international reputation as a producer of innovative, award-winning television. Recent highlights include: the critically acclaimed Inside Nature’s Giants (C4/Nat Geo), a radical natural history series that dissects iconic animals to trace their evolutionary stories; The Operation: Surgery Live, a week of live surgery on Channel Four; Generals At War, an ingenious ‘cardboard’ battle strategy format for NGCI and Race & Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo, an investigation by Rageh Omaar which launched C4’s season on Race.

When film and production companies come to town, it's an incredible opportunity for our youth to gain exposure to different aspects of the industry from real experts. This kind of exposure can help create a more enriching educational environment that encourages our young people to stay in school, to look at interesting post-secondary options, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

We can't wait to see our new friends back in the community and are looking forward to their visit in November!

Thank you Gwyn for visiting and encouraging our youth!

Some of Windfall Films many great productions include:

Animal Superpowers

Patrick Stewart investigates the incredible superpowers of nature’s deadliest animals; from shape shifting octopuses that change the colour of their skin in an instant to salamanders that have the alien-like ability to re-grow lost limbs. Using a mix of action-packed location filming following intrepid scientists tracking and catching these extraordinary animals, stunning footage of extreme animal behaviour, and immersive CGI animation, Patrick Stewart reveals the secret superpowers of the animal kingdom. Check out the show here.


Massive Moves

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences we ever encounter - but can you imagine moving an entire house - fixtures, furniture, walls and roof intact, through a city, over a mountain or across a frozen lake! That’s the challenge faced by teams of house movers in each half hour episode of MASSIVE MOVES.  Check out the show here.



Strip the City

Strip The City uses stunning CGI animation to strip major cities naked of their steel, concrete, buildings, roads, rivers and bedrock – layer by layer – to explore the secret technology and infrastructure that keeps them running. Check out the show here.



Check them out and get involved!

When the Windfall Films crew returns to Arviat, think about what kinds of shows we could be producing here in our home town? Visit the Windfall Films web site at: to see some great examples!

What kind of TV shows would you like to see in Arviat?

The Arviat Film Society meets every Thursday at 7:00 at John Arnalukjuak High School.





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